Suggested reading for new leads January 14 2018

Books that I have used in my own development as a leader and that I recommend to all new leads on my team

Top reads from 2017 January 1 2018

In 2017, I set a goal for myself to read 20 books. The same goal as the year before, which I'd surpassed with 24 books. This was a great year for reading, and I read or listened to 46 books in total! 

My reading focused, somewhat accidentally, on what I call the "how to live" genre as opposed to more business-focused books. I also tried to add some more diverse perspectives to my library, which I'll continue to do next year.

In no particular order, these are my top reads from 2017:

Resources on reading November 13 2016

Here are some of the top resources I've come across for getting better at reading.

Onboarding Training Reading Notes March 6 2016

Below are the notes I've pulled from articles and books on the topic of effective onboarding training. The aim is for this to be a starting point for understanding how to build an effective onboarding process.


  • New Employee Onboarding: Best Practices For New Hires
  • Onboarding New Hires with Trello
  • Technical Onboarding at Hootsuite
  • How To Use Your Unfair Advantage To Create an Unforgettable First Day For New Hires
  • Onboarding and the Cost of Team Debt
  • Why Startups Should Train Their People