How I get the most from reading Nov 13, 2016

One of the most rewarding things I've done in my adult life has been becoming a more proficient reader. I've been intentional about improving in this area, and it's led to a lot of my personal and professional growth. I want to share my process so that others can benefit from what I've learned, and get the same reward from reading.

Here’s my system for reading.

Planning for the year ahead Jan 10, 2016 - 1 Comment

Last year, I set 12 goals for myself in 2015. That was a lot of different stuff to focus on, and I learned a lot from that experience. This year, I’m taking a different approach by setting a few broad objectives, building habits that feed into those objectives, and applying some of the advice I’ve gathered on this process over the year.

Rather than many different specific goals, I’m focusing on a smaller group of broader objectives, similar to OKRs. The intent here is to draw a sketch of where I want to go and cultivate the behaviours that will get me there.

Why not goals? Because goals suck.

On delegating Aug 23, 2015

Delegating is difficult. You have to know which tasks absolutely require your attention, and which ones you just think require you.

You have to be able to communicate the why behind them. Unless it's something like data entry (and maybe even then), the person you're trusting to take these projects on needs to know why it's important and what kind of impact it has.

Why are these two things so difficult?